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Acupuncture constitutes a core element of Chinese Medicine with a well documented history going back over 3 000 years. It aims to improve the circulation of life energy (referred to as Qi) and blood. Qi flows in the path of least resistance forming vertical lines within our body called 'meridians'. Meridians carry Qi and information that cells and organs require to function properly. Free flow of Qi and blood promotes healing, while Qi stagnation is seen as a prerequisite to disease and pain.

Gentle insertion of ultra-fine needles in points where Qi energy tends to gather initially produces localised, minor dull ache or tingling sensation but  subsequently promotes deep relaxation and a feeling of release. In fact, many patients go into a refreshing nap during their acupuncture treatment. While you're in a bliss, the needles work to unblock and correct the flow of Qi.